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⚖️🇺🇸U.S. Yield Curve Inversion Widens to Levels Not Seen In 40yrs: Cable FX Macro

**As seen in Macro Walk report 11/26/22, subscribe

  • The U.S. Treasury curve met bids sending yields lower on the week, the space saw the 10-year yield dip by 14.8 basis points to 3.68%, the 30-year yield fell by 19.2 basis points

  • This translated to a widening in curve inversions, the 2s10s curve ended the week at -77.3bps, 5s30s below the -10bps level but still above YTD lows

  • In the 2s10s space, only Canada is more inverted, kiwi rates follow. N.Z. 2-year yields jumped by 34 basis points on the week after the RBNZ decided on monetary policy

  • The 2s10s curve inversion has not seen this levels since 1981, curve inversion reached -170.7bps back then



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