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🔺🔻Macro Movers August 2022

  • FX: Dollar leads while the British pound posts the most downside in z-score terms

  • Bonds: U.K. front-end gilts recorded the largest moves in August, 2-yr yields up +100bps, last at 2.968%, highest since 2008. The long-end of the JGBs curve saw bids this month

  • Equities: S&P 500 dipped by 4.2% on the month, Nasdaq 100 closed down by 5.2%. European bourses led the downside, while the Nikkei outperformed peers

  • Commodities: EU natgas contracts jumped by more than 20% last week, however, they gave up most of the gains and finished the month up 25%. Crude oil futures posted the worst month since November, down almost 10%



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