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ICYMI:🇺🇸 U.S. May Headline Inflation Rises 8.6% Y/Y; Est. 8.3%

  • U.S. May CPI at 8.6% Y/Y, Core CPI at 6.0% Y/Y. Headline prices expanded 1.0% M/M

  • May headline consumer prices topped the highest estimate in the forecast range. All components saw increases on the month with fuel oil rising 16.9%, gasoline increased 4.10%, energy ticked up 3.9%

  • Food prices expanded by 1.2% M/M, this was the largest increase registered this year. New vehicles and used cars recorded a 1.0% and 1.8% M/M rise, respectively, the latter expanded at the fastest pace since December

  • CPI excluding food, energy and shelter came at 6.4% Y/Y and 0.7% M/M

  • Grocery prices came at the highest pace since 1979. Airfares recorded its largest increase since 1980 at a 37.8% Y/Y. Food at home saw a rise of 11.9% Y/Y, the highest since 1979



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