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📊FX Spot Move By Session:

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

**As seen in the FX Quotes 09/03/2021 report, more at

  • *Spot moves vs the USD

  • In Antipodes, the most moves are seen in the EU session, while the less active session tends to be the ASIAPAC. CAD sees the least of its moves during the NA session (10-day average)

  • On average, over the last ten sessions, GBP tends to gain vs the USD while it seems to have thin trading ASIAPAC to EU waking up during the NA session (avg gain of 0.13% in NA).

  • In terms of ranges, ex-scandies, GBP tracks the widest range during the NA session at 54p, on average over the last 10 sessions. This was followed by CHFs, yes the swiss franc moves an average of 48p during the NA session



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