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⚖️🔻 N.Z. Front-End Advanced 13.5Bps On The Week: Cable FX Macro

**As seen in Macro Walk report 12/09/2022, subscribe at

  • Yields pared declines seen over the last couple of weeks, the space was led by a front-end move in the kiwi curve. N.Z. 2-year yield jumped by 13.5 basis points, the 10-year equivalent increased by 7.2 basis points

  • The U.S. Treasuries curve saw some stabilization after declines, this week was led by the 5-year yield rising 11.8 basis points. We also saw curve inversion hitting fresh cycle lows in the 2s10s, last at -76.6 basis points

  • Rates were offered on Friday after U.S. producer prices data was released

  • We saw declines in the long-end of the Australian curve this week, the RBA decided on monetary policy, and we received GDP figures. AU 30-year GB yield dropped by 17.3 basis points, the 10-year equivalent fell 9.6 basis points



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