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💱G10FX/USD Trading In Line With Risk Assets: Cable FX Macro

Updated: May 22, 2023

**As seen in FX Quotes report 05/12/23, subscribe at

  • The cross-asset section in the FX Quotes report noted G10 currencies trading in line with risk assets on the week. The MSCI All World Index / G10FX spot returns held an R^2 of 0.32 on a weekly performance basis

  • The world benchmark index fell by 0.4% last week, it traded as low as -2.0% before paring declines. It is set to extend losses as it posts a weekly loss of 0.5% on Thursday session

  • The strongest correlations in the G10 are seen in CAD and USD, however, the latter is not statistically significant. USD/CAD has a 25-day correlation coefficient of 62% vs the MSCI AW Index



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