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💵🔻Dollar Falls The Most In A Year, Posts 2-Sigma Day: Cable FX Macro

  • The DXY is set to post its worst daily performance since November 11, 2022. The dollar index is down 1.5% on the day, it has seen losses for three consecutive sessions

  • High-beta FX lead the group with Antipodes and SEK posting gains above 2.0%, the Canadian dollar and the yen underperform peers as they rise a little below 1.0%

  • The Cable FX Macro Dollar Index is matching losses seen in July, down 1.9%

  • The benchmark 10-year yield is lower by 19.9bps, the worst decline since the March banking crisis

  • Looking back at data running through 2021, today's dollar performance is more than two standard deviations from its mean



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