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🇺🇸U.S. June Inflation Rate Rises 9.1% Y/y

  • U.S. June headline inflation expanded by 9.1% Y/Y, this topped the highest forecast in the range (8.1% - 8.9%). The M/M figure printed at 1.3%, faster than the previous 1.0%

  • Energy components led the month, gasoline expanded by 11.2% M/m, the broad energy basket came at 7.5%, these jumped to the highest monthly rate since March. Fuel oil was the only component to decline in June

  • Shelter printed a fresh high after rising at 0.7% M/m, rents ticked at the fastest pace since 1986, the core figure is highly weighted to this component

  • Desks are noting that the figure shows evidence of broadening inflation pressures



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