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🧮IMM Positioning: Leveraged Funds Trimmed GBP to Flat

**As seen in IMM report 09/18/2022,

  • Marginal changes in positioning except for CHF, JPY, and GBP, the latter trimmed its net long as % of open interest fell by 7.8pp to flat, this is the third consecutive week leveraged funds reduce net longs in the GBP. As of last week, % of OI in GBP futures is below its 5-yr average but remains within its 1-standard deviation band

  • CHF and JPY saw a reduction of bullish bets, the latter reported a third consecutive week of net shorts building as the % of OI reached -16.5%, now below its 5-yr average of -12%. Leveraged funds trimmed Swiss franc bullish positioning as % of OI trimmed flat, however, it remains close to its average



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