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🔻Financial Conditions Continue to Tighten Across The Board: Cable FX Macro

**As seen in Macro Walk report 10/14/22, subscribe at

  • Monetary conditions in the U.S. have recently tested record lows (excluding the Covid March 2020 crisis), the index compiled by Bloomberg has rebounded but remains close to record lows, last -125.0

  • Last week saw equities fall by 1.6%, most global bourses posted losses. Sovereign debt saw downside, U.S. 10-yr yields went up by 13.8 basis points to end the week above the 4.0%. In the 10-yr space, the largest moves were recorded in the kiwi curve, up 26 basis points

  • GBP denominated assets have seen volatile trading lately, this has also been translated into tighter financial conditions. The last read on the U.K. FCI stands at -119, down 58 basis points on the week



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