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🧮Positioning: AUD Extended Short Trimmed, CHF Shorts, NZD Longs Built

**As seen in the IMM Positioning Report, 09/24/21.

  • This week's largest move in non-commercial positioning was seen in CAD net short getting extended. Percentage of open interest in futures contracts moved lower from -5% to -24%

  • Most of the group was unchanged but antipodes saw their positions readjusted with AUD paring back extended shorts. AUD %of OI moved higher to -46% from -51%. NZD longs was built with its futures % of OI moving to 22% from 17%

  • It is worth noting the divergence in positioning in the antipodes as AUD remains the most extended to the downside while NZD is the most extended to the upside (Z-score over a 5-year horizon in non-commercial positioning)



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