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💱G10FX Weekly % Performance: Dollar Pulls Back Vs Peers

  • The dollar traded softer this week with the Swiss franc leading the G10 pack, USD/CHF down 2.06% on the week. The yen bottomed the group with G10FX/JPY crosses ending the week higher, USD/JPY +1.75% on the week

  • Antipodes finished flat, retracing losses from earlier in the week. Scandies outperformed peers, SEK +1.44% to the dollar, NOK +0.93%.

  • The euro paired back losses, finishing above parity but below 1.0050 and off weekly highs of 1.0113, EUR/USD closed +0.88% on the week

  • On the one-month rolling G10FX performance, all major currencies post losses to the dollar, with the yen being the weakest and the Swiss franc the strongest (low yielder divergence spotted).



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