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💱G10 FX Weekly % Performance: Dollar Posts Worst Week Since Mid-August

  • Dollar traded heavy on the week, the Bloomberg dollar index closed down 11.5 points or 1.04%, this was the worst week for the USD since mid-August

  • Outperformance from high-beta currencies had been noted since the beginning of the week, gain were trimmed as the dollar gained ground into Friday session, however, these moves were sharply reversed heading into U.S. cash equity close

  • The yen ended higher vs the dollar this week, up 0.7%, the rest of the group posted gains too. Antipodes led the G10 with weekly gains of 3.4% in the kiwi and 2.9% in the aussie, they were followed by the CAD at 1.8%

  • The euro and pound ended higher to the dollar, the gains were relatively lower compared to their high-beta peers. EUR/USD +1.4%, GBP/USD+1.2%

  • The Bank of Japan, MoF intervention visual guidance:



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